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Gestionarea comportamentelor dificile ale copiilor și conectarea cu ei - curs online

De la gângureală la... vorbăreală: Dezvoltarea limbajului la copiii de 0-3 ani

Curs gratuit: Cum gestionăm cu blândețe situațiile dificile cu micuții noștri

Curs gratuit: Activități de limbaj potrivite pentru nivelul copilului tău

Curs online: Tot ce trebuie să știi despre adaptarea copilului tău la grădiniță sau creșă

O metodă interactivă pentru a-ți învăța copilul sunetele și literele

Pachet special: Dezvoltarea limbajului la copiii de 0-4 ani

Jocuri scurte de comunicare și dezvoltare a vocabularului celor mici


Câteva sfaturi despre adaptarea la grădiniță - resursă gratuită

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Yoga pentru părinți și copii

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Întâlnire online 1:1 cu tine, părinte :)

Course: Teach Your Child to Talk and Build Useful Vocabulary

Free Course: Help Your Toddler Talk with These 3 Simple Tips

How to Help Your Child Overcome Tantrums – A Course for Parents Who are Tired of Using Punishments and Rewards

Free Guide: How to Lessen Tantrums and Build a Better Relationship with Your Child

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Parent Coaching (in English)

About Me

Hi! I'm Ilinca, the face behind Grumpy Dumpling. I’m the mom of the cutest dumpling (who is grumpy, but not too often)! My daughter has made my days happier and has taught me to slow down and pay attention to the weirdest things, like bugs in moss, or dry dog poop on the beach.

I’ve been creating teaching resources for quite some time now, but I’ve started focusing more on sharing content for parents. As a first time parent myself, it’s been extremely useful to be able to google and learn things about baby sleep, nutrition, and so much more. So, I’ve decided to share what I know best, hoping to help other parents in their journey.

I’ve been a kindergarten teacher and an English teacher for over ten years, and have taught kids from all over the world. They’ve made my days intense, filled with joy, and have made me love this wonderful job…most of the time.

Welcome to my store! :)